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Take the "Biennial" out of flight review.

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Private Pilot Checkride

As a pilot, within 24 calendar months, you are required to complete a flight review to act as pilot in command. Yes, Flight Review. Lately, I have been hearing pilots call it, a Biennial Flight Review. That term, "biennial”, has been removed by the FAA, because the term implies that pilots only need currency training once every 24 calendar months.

The FAA encourages currency training as often as appropriate for a pilot’s needs. If you were only to do a flight review every 24 calendar months, yes, you would be current, but probably not proficient. I encourage you to do a flight review when you feel you need it, and not wait until you are approaching that final month of currency. Let’s focus more on proficiency and not the minimum currency required to act as pilot in command.

So next time you are discussing currency, take the “Biennial” out of flight review.

Below is the Advisory Circular for Currency Requirements and Guidance for Flight Review and IPC.

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