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Short Field Landing???

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

It is time for the last landing of your check ride, and a high percentage of the time that landing is a short field landing. talk about pressure.

It all starts with a stable approach. Proper flight path on final, airspeed at the proper speed that the manufacturer recommends, and configuration.

What I have noticed on this task for the short field landing is when the applicant realizes that they are going to go past their intended touchdown point, there is a tendency to push the nose forward and try to force the landing to touchdown within the distance requirements of the ACS, but they are not considering the first part of that requirement, Touch down at a proper pitch attitude.

Pushing the nose forward and hitting the nose wheel first, even if you land within the distance requirements. First, you are not at the proper pitch attitude, and second, putting anymore load on the nosewheel then is meant to have on it can cause damage or worse. Oh yeah, and you will most likely be unsatisfactory for that task.

How do you combat an unstable approach, and/or the likelihood of a short, or long touchdown on this task?


With the proper adjustment the next time around, you should have a better outcome.

From where I sit, I would have to say the main issue with short field landings, and any landing for that matter, is not being stable on final approach, AIRSPEED, and proper pitch attitude seem to be the common items.

If you are not using the appropriate airspeed that the manufacture recommends and don’t understand how and when to make the necessary adjustments upon touchdown it will be difficult to perform a successful landing.

Below are a few resources to provide you with more information on proper landing techniques.

Also, you can schedule some time with me on my website or app, and I would be happy to give you a lesson or two to help you get a better understanding on how to have safe successful landings.

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