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Starter Limits??? What are those?

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Being on airport ramps day in and day out, I hear a lot of engines trying to crank over to be started. I usually count in my head the time it takes before the engine starts, or before the pilot stops cranking. Then, I see how long before they start cranking again. 😮😒😕

You should all know me by now, and know, if I am writing a blog on this, then something probably isn’t being done correctly when it comes to starter limitations.

Yes, Starter limitations, they do exist. Do you know what a duty cycle is? If you aren’t following the duty cycles of your aircraft’s starter, you can overheat, and damage the internal components of your starter.

Make sure you know and are using the proper starter cycles.

Ok, enough talk, below you will find a great video on starter duty cycles, along with an article to give you more info on this topic.

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