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Updated: Jul 16, 2023

From my experience performing checkrides, I have noticed a common phrase: “MY FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR TOLD ME TO DO IT THAT WAY.” This is usually not an answer anyone, let alone your Designated Pilot Examiner, wants to hear on your checkride. Do not take this personally instructors, but sometimes when your student does not have the answer, they throw you under the bus, so to speak.

A good example of this would be with this question I sometimes ask, “Why do you pump the throttle when you start the engine?” When the applicant cannot come up with the proper answer, they say, “MY FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR TOLD ME TO DO IT THAT WAY.”

The best way for instructors to combat this, is by using a reference that will provide your student with the answer they are looking for. I will list some good resources for you to use the next time you are in this situation.

YouTube usually is not the best resource for this, unless it is referencing one of the below sources.

Aircraft POH


FAA Regulations

Your School’s Standard Operating Procedures


Any of the FAA-H-8083 handbooks

These are all good resource to have available. I hope you find this information useful.

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