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Updated: Jul 16, 2023

As a CERTIFIED Flight Instructor, we are looked at by our students as role models. With that, there is a responsibility to ensure our students not only are taught the correct material, but that it is presented in a professional matter.

Professionalism is one aspect that I feel is starting to slip away from the CERTIFIED Flight Instructor these days, not for all of you, but a lot.

The way you dress when you are on the job, the way you speak to your students, using slang, and not using proper aviation terminology when teaching or communicating on the radios. This behavior in the long run creates a big problem, within the aviation community. This will trickle down to your student, and they think this is normal, and they will use it when they become instructors, and pass it along to their students as well.

Dig back into the common practices by reviewing what you initially learned within the Aviation Instructors Handbook and let’s cure this problem.

Below are a few references to help you get back on track.

There is a Code of Conduct among CFI’s that you probably aren’t aware of, and we are all held to this, as CERTIFIED Flight Instructors. I have provided a few resources to review this Flight Instructors code of Conduct.

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