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Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Ace Pilot Academy

FAA Runway Safety Releases New Tools to Help GA Pilots Practice Skills Virtually

FAA’s Safety and Technical Training’s (AJI) Runway Safety Group released several new outreach products to enable flight instructors and general aviation pilots to practice their skills interactively, which is ideal as we continue to recover from the pandemic.

To view all offerings, including those directly linked below, please go to our one-stop From the Flight Deck portal at:

A new Wrong Surface Landing video (Scenario #3) will be released in January on the Runway Safety Pilot Simulator to help mitigate issues that lead to surface incidents and runway incursions. This is part of an ongoing series of interactive videos to help pilots make good decisions. Scenario #3 will focus on listening, interpreting, and executing air traffic control instructions, and managing distractions during ground movement. See Scenario #1 and Scenario #2. The user will practice decision making by responding to actual ATC instructions to select the correct landing runway using the airport diagram for reference, landing on the correct runway, and practicing exiting the runway. The scenario requires the user to correctly respond to a runway hold short restriction, cross the runway, and taxi to the ramp.

The Runway Safety Videos and Animations website also includes the From the Flight Deck runway safety videos, which are airport-specific videos targeting local surface safety challenges. There are 26 airport videos currently available, thirteen completing production now, and 33 more slated during 2021. Available Now:

Due to the pandemic, new video capture at airports was temporarily stopped, just restarting in September. During that down time, Runway Safety Group pivoted to create new ‘single-topic’ videos about particular safety issues, including:

Winter Weather Airport Surface Operations: This video focuses on surface risks and hazards, how to become aware of surface conditions through the FAA’s Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) and Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM) processes, how to report what you have experienced to benefit other pilots, and best practices for safe surface operation during winter weather conditions.

Wrong Direction Intersection Takeoffs: Departing from a runway intersection in the opposite direction of the tower clearance occurs more frequently than expected. This video focuses on this error, the reasons it may happen, and provides tips to avoid a serious incident.

Protecting Runway Safety Areas: Forty percent of all runway incursions occur when general aviation pilots cross runway holding position markings without authorization. This video heightens awareness of the critical role of runway hold lines in protecting departing and arriving aircraft, and provides best practices to help you avoid a runway incursion.

Wrong Surface Landings: Parallel Runways with Staggered Thresholds: A top contributing factor for landing on the wrong surface is parallel runway configurations with staggered thresholds. This video provides best practices for landing at an airport with this common runway configuration.

Wrong Airport Landings (In Development): This video focuses on the causes and risks of landing at the wrong airport and provides guidance to help keep you on course to your planned destination.

Hot Spots - New Charting Symbology and General Review (In Development): Hot spots charted on airport diagrams raise pilots’ situational awareness about challenging areas on the airport that may lead to surface incidents and runway incursions. This video will familiarize you with newly developed graphics that point out wrong surface landing risks and standardized symbols for existing published hot spots, and will enhance your awareness to safely and efficiently operate on the airport surface.

More airport-specific and single-topic runway safety productions are coming throughout 2021. Please check FAA’s Runway Safety Videos and Animations frequently. And... spread the word!

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