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Do you know your airplane?

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

When you are learning how to fly an airplane, it’s not just the flying part you must know, or even all the ground knowledge that goes along with it. But a part that often gets overlooked, and it shows up sometimes in the ground portion of training, or during flight portion, but either way, you need to learn your aircraft.

Do you really know everything about your aircraft you fly? Well, you should, especially if you are a commercial applicant preparing for your checkride. Now, I am not talking about the maintenance inspections, and required equipment, which of course you need to know as well. I am referring to the actual parts of your aircraft.

What type of flap, ailerons, how does the trim tab work? Oh, and how does the design of the ailerons help counteract adverse yaw? Just a few, of many questions that may be asked during your checkride, in a scenario of course.

These answers should not be guesses, you should be using the correct resources to find the answers you do not know. Your instructor, maintenance personal, training department, or even contacting the manufacturer to find the real answers. This may help avoid a Notice of Disapproval on your next checkride. JUST SAYING.

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