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Are you a responsible CFI?

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

I have noticed a lack of basic knowledge, as well as professionalism in the past few years, throughout the aviation training environment. Another thing I have noticed, is the increase in the number of accidents, and incidents as well, especially in the private community. Coincidence?

As a DPE, I must, what we call, qualify the applicant first before a checkride can even begin. There have been a handful, if not more of check rides that never even start, due to the instructor not completing endorsements, ground training, or not completing all the flight training items that are required per regulation. So, let us talk a little about the responsibility of a certified, yes CERTIFIED flight instructor.

Since student pilots look to flight instructors as role models, it is especially important that flight instructors not only know how to teach, but that they project a knowledgeable and professional image.

The job of an certified flight instructor is to transfer knowledge to their student. Instructors help their students meet and exceed the established standards. Instructors measure students’ performance against those standards and give positive reinforcement along the way.

When reviewing the standard at which the instructor holds their student to, it is the instructor’s responsibility not only to provide the student with the flight and ground training, but also to ensure that they have met all the requirements before sending them to their checkride. Send then with not only the knowledge, and skill required, but the legal documentation that shows they are qualified to be there.

Please read the resources below to help reinforce this important information.

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