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Find the Daily- Preflight here
Find the Daily- Preflight here
Find the Daily- Preflight here
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Faa Designated Pilot Examiner

As a Designated Pilot Examiner, Professional Pilot, Flight Instructor,  Standardization Manager, and a Navy Veteran with 3 decades of aviation experience, I understand that in aviation, learning is a constant.  There is always more to learn, and new technologies on the horizon.  I was once told, "If you think you've learned everything about flying, then its time to retire."

 I wanted to create a place where I can be reached after the checkride is over, and continue the debrief. I know there may still be questions that go unanswered, or maybe hard to ask. I hope you find this forum helpful.

The main discussion topics at "CHECK" PLEASE often pave the way to surprising and unexpected conversations thanks to our engaged forum users. Our Forum is dedicated to enhancing the forum experience by offering plenty of opportunities for users to engage with each other in an interesting and safe online environment. 

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